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WATCH: The Science of Beauty from Huffington Post

Think you know beauty? Think again. The Huffington Post recently posted a video about the science of beauty hosted by Jacqueline Howard

Interviewing cognitive researchers, Howard delves into the science behind beauty and what makes us perceive each other as such. I won’t ruin the video below, but it’s all about ratios and proportions, with a few tips on how to make us all more attractive.

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    Designer Chris Benz’s EPIC Film Debut

    Epic dress? Questionable, but epic-look inside the making of EPIC.

    Seeing Avatar in 2009 undoubtedly blew my mind – so much so that I saw it three times and watched every possible “behind the scenes,” or “making of” special I could. Gone were the days of basic Toy Story computer animation; motion-action completely altered my view on the “animation” genre and made me excited for more.

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      Magazine Monday: Kerry Washington ELLE Magazine

      Finally, a fashion magazine has been brave enough to put a gladiator on the cover. Or just a Black woman. Actress Kerry Washington, the star of ABC’s hit show Scandal and the new film Peoples (produced by Tyler Perry), has finally landed the cover of a national magazine. Gracing the June 2012 issue of ELLE magazine,

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        Jewel Thief: Purple Aura Jewels, Tribal Elegance

        It’s not often that a brand crosses my desk that really catches my eye. Semi-precious stones, seen it, arm-parties, had it and colorful leather, we’ve all been there. That’s why when the co-owner of Purple Aura Jewels reached out to me recently I just knew I had to feature her iconic pieces.

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          Fashionably Saved: How I Save Money & Time by Shopping Smart

          It’s no secret that us fashion bloggers like to shop. We got into the business because of our passion for clothes, accessories and of course, shoes. However, the bigger our blogs get the more pressure we can feel to have the latest fashion gadget (read: hottest bag), and the more our readers look to us as style guides.

          Luckily, the more popular a blogger gets the more gifts we also receive from our favorite brands. However, while we may get the newest denim or jewelry, for most of us, Chanel and Celine are not sending us gifts daily. For me the balance between shopping smart and investing in key and classic pieces rather than on-trend fashion is paramount to my business and bank account. 

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