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Talking Shoes w/ Designer Charlotte Olympia at Neiman Marcus

At the end of last year I had the honor of sitting down with the charming and elegant shoe designer Charlotte Olympia at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. The petite and mildly shy designer, who is known for her towering heels and self-described, “nostalgic and whimsical designs,” dished to ICON about why she started designing shoes, her latest collection and the affable humor behind her footwear.

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    Iconic Price & Iconic Style: Neon Pumps, Wedges and Sandals!

    I’m obsessed with color… I love it bold, bright and in your face! Just like my personality, eh, I mean smile! I’ve had some time off lately, and while browsing in stores what’s shocked me most are the vibrant footwear colors I’ve run across! Some so bright I had to put my shades on! So for Iconic Price &

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