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Heidi Klum for New Balance: Getting Fit in Style

I have a little secret to share. Late last year I started a new blog called Le Diet Again. It chronicled my journey to get back in shape and lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. That’s why I’m so excited about Heidi Klum’s new activewear line for New Balance. Always on the hunt for stylish, functional and comfortable workout clothes that can take me from the gym to the mall (not literally the mall, but just out in public looking half-way decent) HKNB fits the bill perfectly.

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    Spring Trends w/ Beso.com - Prints & Patterns

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    The patterned trend has been growing with gusto for the past two seasons and it shows no signs of slowing down. Not for the faint of heart, or corporate environments, the style is bold, textured, colored and fearless. From jackets to pants, prints can be a major statement piece and traffic stopper. If you’re bold, you’re more than welcome to wear print upon pattern. Matching sets or even pieces from different designers with completely different themes. However, if you need to keep your day job, don’t want to scare your kids or buy a one-way ticket to divorce court, pick one piece and finish it off with modern staples in blacknude or navy.

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      Coachella Style w/ AG Denim

      Are you headed to Coachella this month? Who isn’t. For me, whenever I head someplace the first question I ask myself is, “What do I wear?” And lucky for me AG Denim has the answer.

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        Iconic Price & Iconic Style: Printed Silk Dresses

        Spring is here. It’s official, not just a feeling or hope anymore. While for the past couple of weeks I’ve been detailing trends and must-buys, there’s one item that you can’t pass up this April no matter what. A floral silk dress. Easy, comfortable and versatile, this one piece can take you from work (cover

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          Spring Fashion Essentials | Target Style

          I know it may still be cold in certain parts of the country, heck it’s even still chilly in Los Angeles, but peeks of sun and sporadic warm days are upon us and that means it’s officially Spring! Time to re-vamp the wardrobe, clean your closet and pick up a few new, and essential pieces. As I’ve mentioned before Target is the perfect retailer for this.

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