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Summer Sandals: The Flat, The Wedge and The Chunky Heel

Can you feel the heat? My feet sure can! One of my favorite things about Spring is that I get wear open-toed shoes, get fun pedicures and eat endless frozen yogurt (more on that another day). Since the styles out

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    Iconic Price & Iconic Style: Neon Pumps, Wedges and Sandals!

    I’m obsessed with color… I love it bold, bright and in your face! Just like my personality, eh, I mean smile! I’ve had some time off lately, and while browsing in stores what’s shocked me most are the vibrant footwear colors I’ve run across! Some so bright I had to put my shades on! So for Iconic Price &

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      Summer Sandals: ICONIC Price & ICONIC Style

      Happy Memorial’s Day! It’s officially summer time and I thought it would be appropriate to do the first ICONIC Price & ICONIC Style series of the week on flat sandals. Last week I wrote on the wedge sandal, but honestly when it’s hot or you’re at the beach the

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