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What is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?

If you’ve been hearing about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for the past couple of weeks and are wondering what it is, I’ve got the answer for you. Basically, it’s a celebration of Queen Elizabeth‘s 60th year as the reigning monarch. In honor of the event, the city of London will be celebrating the monarchy

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    Michelle Obama wears Ralph Lauren to London Farewell

    The pretty, pretty Ms. Obama wore a black Ralph Lauren Dress to bid farewell to London and Queen Elizabeth – ah perfection! 

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      Royal Wedding: who will wear what!

      As the Royal Wedding gets closer and closer many are anxiously awaiting to see what Kate Middleton will wear, but what about everyone else? What will the Queen wear? What will Kate’s parents wear? What will Harry’s date wear? Well ICON has almost all of your answers!

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