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Iconic Price & Iconic Style: Winter Accessories

Brrrrrr, it’s cold outside, and we probably have another 2 -3 months of frigid weather to brave. So how does a fashionista stay stylish and warm? With amazing winter accessories in all price ranges. So for this week’s Iconic Price & Iconic Style we’re detailing Winter Accessories! Whether you live in Los Angeles,

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    Icon Obsession: Proenza Schouler's PS1 Neon Tote

    Like most fashionistas and online fashion journalists I have a certain love and affinity for anything Proenza Schouler. From their brightly colored blazers and perfectly tailored pants to their iconic PS1 messenger bags and now…totes! So for this week’s Icon Obsession we’ll be detailing this brightly

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      Video | Karl Lagerfeld debuts new line at Net-A-Porter.com

      In 37 Days, 16 Hours, 23 Minutes and 15 Seconds, Karl Lagerfeld will debut his new lower-priced womenswear collection exclusively at Net-A-Porter.com. For the younger woman who adores Karl, is part of the ‘Karl Kult,’ and just wants to dress

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        Icon Obsessions: Stella McCartney Metallic Wool Coat

        The weather is chilly, all right it’s damn right freezing on the East Coast, and you need something warm and cozy to wrap yourself up in. It has to be chic, entertaining and a conversation piece, but also warm, practical and functional against the occasional

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          ICONIC PRICE & ICONIC STYLE: Maxi Dresses

          As the weather is finally heating up in Southern California, I wanted to share with you an essential summer piece: the maxi dress! Lightweight and comfy, dressy or casual, the maxi dress is the perfect all-in-one piece for any fashionista who wants to keep cool and
          stylish in the summer heat. Keep reading for my favorite picks in all price ranges.

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