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Visual Style Diary: Stripes & Brights

Just wanted to share with you a look I did with Sarah and Malia. It’s not complete as we added some crazy accessories and a floral blazer to it that I will share with you next week. However, these were the calmer shots, spurred on by Maggie‘s proclamation that it just wasn’t normal. But is fashion ever

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    What I Wore - Friday Business Meeting

    So last Friday I had a casual business meeting in Beverly Hills. I haven’t been feeling well lately, but it was nice to put on a bright outfit and head out to meet some people with whom I have some exciting (hopefully) projects coming up with! What did I wear? My Naven bright pink skirt, white button-

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      VIDEO: Iconic Designers: The Naven Twins #MAGICLV

      Alexis and Kym McClay, the designing duo (and twin sisters) behind the celebrity favorite brand, Naven showcased their upcoming Spring 2012 collection at the Project Show during MAGIC. Filled with on-trend items such as bright color blocking, animal prints

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