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Magazine Monday: Kate Moss in Sheer Leotard - Esquire UK

Is there anything this woman can’t do? After first being introduced to the fashion and modeling industries over 20 years ago, Kate Moss is still tickling and kicking our fashion fantasies into high gear.

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    Video: Supermodel Cara Delvigne for Saint Laurent - Fall 2013 Campaign

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    Saint Laurent Paris’ Hedi Slimane taps supermodel Cara Delvigne for his Fall 2013 ad campaign. You can watch the fashion video above.

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      WATCH: The Science of Beauty from Huffington Post

      Think you know beauty? Think again. The Huffington Post recently posted a video about the science of beauty hosted by Jacqueline Howard

      Interviewing cognitive researchers, Howard delves into the science behind beauty and what makes us perceive each other as such. I won’t ruin the video below, but it’s all about ratios and proportions, with a few tips on how to make us all more attractive.

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        Kate Upton Lands VOGUE US Cover

        It’s a double dose of Magazine Monday today. Voluptuous Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton has landed her first Vogue US cover. Looking sultry in the garment that best suits her—a bathing suit—the young model from the Midwest (and heir to the Whirlpool fortune) has landed her famous assets on the fashion bible. 

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          The Paris Review: Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 —Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney + More!

          What is it about Paris that make most women swoon? Is it the men, food or fashion? Probably a combination of all. Having personally attended Paris Fashion Week last season, I can tell you that this fashion week is the best of all. I’m not sure if it’s the city, or the exquisite mural of fashion that

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