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Style by Sade: Hilary Duff's Post Baby Printed Pants & Bright Leather Jacket Look

Phew, so this is what real women look like after giving birth. Don’t get me wrong I love Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum and Gisele, but come on, after giving birth a woman’s body should be soft and nourishing. So when a reader sent in a recent pic of Hilary Duff looking fabulous, on-trend and rocking

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    Iconic Price & Iconic Style: Quilted Leather Jackets

    I have a new obsession. Quilted leather jackets. When recently reviewing my closet inventory (yes, I do that, don’t pretend like you don’t) I realized that I have not purchased a leather jacket in over 5 years. As I was looking for a new one I fell in love with the detail exposed in quilted ones. On a budget

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