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The Charming Owner of Charm & Chain: Ali Galgano

As Ali Galgano searches through her bright Celine tote for her tortoise shell sunglasses, she reviews the tentative details of a holiday project with her publicist. Dressed in a laser-cut Milly dress and Valentino heels, Galgano’s personal style is as bright and unexpected as the opulent baubles that she offers on her site.

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    Jewel Thief: Purple Aura Jewels, Tribal Elegance

    It’s not often that a brand crosses my desk that really catches my eye. Semi-precious stones, seen it, arm-parties, had it and colorful leather, we’ve all been there. That’s why when the co-owner of Purple Aura Jewels reached out to me recently I just knew I had to feature her iconic pieces.

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      Jewel Thief: Paire.us - Covetable Jewelry Right off the Runway

      It isn’t easy to find one place to shop covetable and somewhat affordable jewelry from a variety of designers. Sure, there’s the Tiffany’s & Co. website and selections from fast retailers such as Forever21 and Zara, but there isn’t one place to find show-stopping pieces that are small, not large investments—until now. Have you met Paire?

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        Atelier Swarovski Shines Bright For Spring 2013 + Oscars Celebrations

        As A-list stars gather in Tinseltown for the 85th annual Oscar Academy Awards, Nadja Swarovski couldn’t have picked a better weekend to celebrate the launch of the Atelier Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

        Jewels sparkled under spotlights and champagne bubbled over as a special launch party was held at The Grove LA in celebration of the new designs, with Nadja in attendance.

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          What I Wore - Blue Couture & Statement Jewels - New York Fashion Week

          Well, this is a little tardy! Just wanted to share the details of my last outfit for New York Fashion Week with you. Last week Thursday I attended the AMEX CMO fashion show featuring Carolina Herrera. Her five most popular pieces were made available immediately afterwards on Harper’s

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