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Iconic Price & Iconic Style: Faux + Fur Coats

Did you miss me? The Icon Concierge’s favorite series, Iconic Price & Iconic Style is back with a bang in 2012! For our first feature of the year we’re detailing everyone’s most indulgent obsession: the fur coat. Whether faux or real, we won’t judge or tell, and with our bright, eccentric, striped and animal

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    As the weather continues to heat up in Los Angeles, we’re probably reaching for our favorite pair of shorts only to realize they’re no longer in vogue or we just want to update our collection! In today’s edition of ICONIC PRICE & ICONIC STYLE, The Icon Concierge

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      The perfect wedge sandal: ICONIC STYLE & ICONIC PRICE

      Happy Monday everyone! For this edition of ICONIC STYLE & ICONIC PRICE we’re doing the perfect summer wedge sandal. A great item for pairing with jeans, dresses, shorts and more! It works with almost any wardrobe, gives major

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