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define: Electrolytenment — A Way to Regroup

Between the heat wave that has hit the East and West Coasts and a possible cross-country move, finding a way that keeps me refreshed, revitalized and focused can be challenging. Besides getting back into the swing of working out, cooking healthy meals and my usual thrice weekly hot yoga sessions, one other thing is a must in order for me to re-group and stay focused. H2O.

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    WATCH: The Science of Beauty from Huffington Post

    Think you know beauty? Think again. The Huffington Post recently posted a video about the science of beauty hosted by Jacqueline Howard

    Interviewing cognitive researchers, Howard delves into the science behind beauty and what makes us perceive each other as such. I won’t ruin the video below, but it’s all about ratios and proportions, with a few tips on how to make us all more attractive.

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      New York Fashion Week Essential: The Statement Lip

      I once read an article on The Cut about how to get noticed by street style photographers during New York Fashion Week. The advice ranged from be tall, be skinny, wear MiuMiu shoes and carry the “it” bag. While most of us cannot achieve those things due to genetics or limited funds, there was

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        How I Keep Up My Energy While Fashion Blogging: Starbucks Refreshers

        Last week while I was at New York Fashion Week I wrote about how I stayed  energized while whizzing around the city and attending shows. Now that I am back in Los Angeles I may be more stationary, but keeping my energy up is still a priority and sometimes, a difficult task.

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          How I Refresh During New York Fashion Week

          If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ll notice that I am in New York City this week  attending New York Fashion Week. While the experience can be exhilarating it can also be exhausting. Running between Lincoln Center and downtown show venues can be draining, and keeping my energy up

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