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InStyle's Essential White Shirt — The Weekend Shirt

It’s Friday, time for the weekend, and I wanted to share my favorite new obsession with you. InStyle magazine’s new white shirt collection—an essential. Based on your cup and waist size these shirts are completely tailored to you. While fellow bloggers chose other styles available in the collection, I fell in love with the “Weekend Tunic.” Effortless, chic and a little iconic.

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    TRESemmé & Stylecaster Collaboration: How to Get Glam Summer Waves

    This is a little overdue, however my grandmother always says, “better late than never.”

    Earlier this month I did a fabulous collaboration with the haircare powerhouse TRESemmé. The concept was glamorous summer waves, and the story ran on Stylecaster. You can check it out here. I give step by step instructions and recommend my favorite TRESemmé products. 

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      Designer Chris Benz’s EPIC Film Debut

      Epic dress? Questionable, but epic-look inside the making of EPIC.

      Seeing Avatar in 2009 undoubtedly blew my mind – so much so that I saw it three times and watched every possible “behind the scenes,” or “making of” special I could. Gone were the days of basic Toy Story computer animation; motion-action completely altered my view on the “animation” genre and made me excited for more.

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        Coachella Style w/ AG Denim

        Are you headed to Coachella this month? Who isn’t. For me, whenever I head someplace the first question I ask myself is, “What do I wear?” And lucky for me AG Denim has the answer.

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          Floral Style w/ Target

          It’s time for Springtime, and what better way to celebrate warmer weather than with blooming styles—and Target has some amazing picks. When the floral trend first came onto the scene a couple of years ago I was a little wary. My husband even likened a blazer I bought to a curtain. But as I experimented

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