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The Charming Owner of Charm & Chain: Ali Galgano

As Ali Galgano searches through her bright Celine tote for her tortoise shell sunglasses, she reviews the tentative details of a holiday project with her publicist. Dressed in a laser-cut Milly dress and Valentino heels, Galgano’s personal style is as bright and unexpected as the opulent baubles that she offers on her site.

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    Jewel Thief: Spellbound Earrings by Erickson Beamon

    When searching for covetable jewels for my readers and myself, I am always looking for something different, exciting and a conversation starter. I believe I met all the above criteria with Erickson Beamon’s Spellbound earrings. Different, but with an ethnic twist, these earrings will get the party started on

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      Iconic Price & Iconic Style: Aqua Summer Drop Earrings

      Recently I’ve been looking for the perfect light aqua summer drop earrings. You know the kind that you throw on with shorts or a white dress and just go. The ones that remind you of water, when you’re not really in the water? Yes, those. Anyway, if you’re looking for them too I’ve found the perfect two

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        Iconic Must-Have: CHANEL Vintage Fashion Jewelry

        I desperately need some vintage CHANEL fashion earrings. If you’ve ever watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you can see Kris Jenner wearing them almost religiously! They’re so chic and glam, and an absolute must-have for any iconic

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