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Sunday Style Talk: Vogue's TV Channel, The MET Ball, Gwyneth Paltrow & More!

What an exciting week. With the MET Ball a day away, the premiere of The Great Gatsby less than a week away and people still chattering about Gwyneth Paltrow’s Berardi show-stopping red carpet number, it was another exciting week in fashion.

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    Magazine Monday: Harper's BAZAAR Summer Fashion w/ Gwyneth Paltrow

    There used to be a time when I didn’t like the stunning and now-affable Gwyneth Paltrow. However, since her stint on Glee and rap with Cee-Lo I’ve started to admire the 40-year-old actress for not taking herself too seriously and enjoying life. Plus, her dedication to fitness is pretty inspiring.

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      The Paris Review: Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 —Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney + More!

      What is it about Paris that make most women swoon? Is it the men, food or fashion? Probably a combination of all. Having personally attended Paris Fashion Week last season, I can tell you that this fashion week is the best of all. I’m not sure if it’s the city, or the exquisite mural of fashion that

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        Sunday Style Talk: Into The Gloss, Wang at Balenciaga, Bloggers as Designers, Net-a-Porter's Magazine, ASOS Goes Luxe

        And we’re back! Before I get to this week’s Sunday Style Talk let me start by saying how sorry I am for my recent absence. After the election I came down with a nasty flu and needed some time to recover. You now have my undivided attention again. Also, thanks to everyone who kept on visiting the site

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          Kristen Stewart Goes Vampy for On The Road Premiere

          Romantic troubles? GONE! Kristen Stewart has recaptured the spotlight as Hollywood’s IT-girl as if the summer affair and equally embarrassing public admission of guilt never occurred. While I like Stewart’s movies, I am in love with her style and for the premiere of On The Road, Kristen does again!

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