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Jewel Thief: Purple Aura Jewels, Tribal Elegance

It’s not often that a brand crosses my desk that really catches my eye. Semi-precious stones, seen it, arm-parties, had it and colorful leather, we’ve all been there. That’s why when the co-owner of Purple Aura Jewels reached out to me recently I just knew I had to feature her iconic pieces.

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    Spring Fashion: ZARA's Covetable Items

    I know, I know, we’re not supposed to be fans of Zara. They produce copy-cats of designer goods and their model is unsustainable by our environment, but we all can’t dress in couture everyday. Their Spring 2013 offerings are insane. Insanely stylish, insanely covetable and insanely

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      Jewel Thief: Paire.us - Covetable Jewelry Right off the Runway

      It isn’t easy to find one place to shop covetable and somewhat affordable jewelry from a variety of designers. Sure, there’s the Tiffany’s & Co. website and selections from fast retailers such as Forever21 and Zara, but there isn’t one place to find show-stopping pieces that are small, not large investments—until now. Have you met Paire?

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        Atelier Swarovski Shines Bright For Spring 2013 + Oscars Celebrations

        As A-list stars gather in Tinseltown for the 85th annual Oscar Academy Awards, Nadja Swarovski couldn’t have picked a better weekend to celebrate the launch of the Atelier Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

        Jewels sparkled under spotlights and champagne bubbled over as a special launch party was held at The Grove LA in celebration of the new designs, with Nadja in attendance.

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          Alejandro Ingelmo's Futuristic Shoes - Fall/Winter 2013 - New York Fashion Week

          Lets get some shoes. Tall shoes. Short shoes. Shiny shoes. Furry shoes. I want your shoes.These were my thoughts as I attended the Alejandro Ingelmo F/W presentation during New York Fashion Week at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

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