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Shopbevel Trunk Shows: View & Vote on Designs, Buy at Discount

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of jewelry, but it was out of your price range? Did you ever want to connect personally with your favorite retail sites and tell them what to sell? Well, now you can. Meet Shopbevel Trunkshows, a new concept in online retail that lets you view and vote on designs that

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    Bande des Quatres' Collection III: Color & Illusion

    I—and the rest of the fashion world—have been covering Erin Wahed’s Bande des Quatres collection since the beginning. So I don’t really know why I am so captivated, impressed and mesmerized by her third collection. Perhaps it’s the insider accompanying video, the high-fashion editorial campaign or simply just the continued originality of the jewelry pieces. 

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      NYFW Essential: Khirma Eliazov Handbags

      Do you want to walk into the closet and imagination of a former Vogue accessories editor? Well, now you can. Meet Khirma Eliazov (pronounced Irma), the young and talented designer behind the namesake accessories collection. Located in the West Village, and sold at Bergdorfs, fine retailers and internationally, Khirma Eliazov has worked in fashion for a while—and now she’s making it.

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        Lulu Frost New York Fashion Week Ambassador

        Just a quick and snappy post to announce that I’m a ambassador for luxe jewelry line Lulu Frost this New York Fashion Week. I could not be more excited or more honored to rock their iconic jewels. So make sure to follow me on Twitter and  Instagram to see my daily outfit posts. BTW you should also be following Lulu Frost on Twitter too!

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          Bande des Quatres Precious Metals Mixtape No. 001 Bayer

          So here’s the deal I’ve been raving about Erin Wahed and her jewelry line Bande des Quatres for about a year now. It’s fearless, unique and each piece is expertly crafted (plus loved by the Vogue editors). That’s why when she approached me about a collaboration I was ecstatic. Each month

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