What I Wore – New York Fashion Week – Day Three

As New York Fashion Week roars on, my childhood room in my New York City apartment gets messier and messier! Clothes are everywhere, and my 90 year old grand-mother almost had a trip over an Alexander McQueen sequined clog! However, at Lincoln Center I keep turning up the heat, even though on Sunday I was almost blown away by several strong gusts of wind on 11th Avenue outside the DKNY show.

Anyway, here are the details on what I wore on the fourth day of New York Fashion Week (I know the title says 3rd, but it’s really the 4th…remembering to take pictures of yourself is no easy task!).

BTW, the dress is Forever21, and it’s sadly sold out. The necklace and jacket are also almost all sold out, so make sure you click on the links to shop my look, and help support my unapologetic addition to clothes.

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