Style by Sade: Kirsten Dunst’s All Yellow Look Translated to Pink

When I saw Kirsten Dunst’s all yellow ensemble, I was immediately mesmerized. I absolutely love how she boldly paired yellow on top of yellow and did it with a smile, and without looking washed out, pale or silly. So when someone wrote into Style by Sade about her look I was very happy to breakdown how to replicate this style. However, our reader had a twist. She wanted the look replicated in pink. Luckily the same principles apply.

The trick to dressing in one color, whether it be yellow or pink, is that the shades of the colors be slightly different. This applies to most colors except black or white. You see in Kirsten Dunst’s look her blazer is a bold yellow, her pants have a baroque silver print on it and her shoes are a pale yellow. When they are work together, they all compliment one another, but they don’t clash, look garish or make Kirsten look a banana. In my all pinks picks, it’s the same trick. Slightly different shades of pink, and a neutral white tie-front blouse! Happy one shade dressing ladies! Tweet me your looks, @Icon_Concierge!

1. Arthur Pleated Skinny Pants, Alice & Olivia, $198; 2. Silk Toe Front Blouse, Balmain, $700; 3. Pink Hutchinson Blazer, Preen, $1700; 4. Light Pink Strappy Sandals, Dolce & Gabbana, $300


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