Iconic Price + Iconic Style: The Spike Bracelet in All Price Ranges (Some Even Sparkle!)

Who doesn’t love a little punk in their life? Topped with a side style? Yes, please! What I love about these spike bracelets —stretch, plain, bedazzled or with a clasp— is their versatility. Wear with a white blouse, ripped denim, a black pencil skirt in LA or NYC, and you’re sure to turn heads in subtle, or not so subtleway! On a budget, or want to keep it tame? Try these great simple stretch spike bracelets by ASOS. Want to splurge a little on your Spring/Summer wardrobe, while making a bold statement? Go for these pave gold/silver plated bracelets by CC Skye!



PRICE: Spike Stretch Bracelet, ASOS, $14/ea.

STYLE: Pave Spike Bracelet, CC Skye, $350/ea.

P.S. CC Skye also has plain spike bracelets for $162 each, and various pave spike ones too here, here and here!


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