Iconic Price & Iconic Style: The Leather Backpack

When was the last time you carried a backpack? For me it was eighth grade in NYC. It was a yellow, Duffy backpack that I purchased in France. The fabric and cut were special, and when I returned to the States, my friends told me that only I would classify that bag as a backpack. However, it had two straps and it fit on my back, so to me it was a backpack. Sadly, my friends were right though. It wasn’t exactly a backpack, and my books didn’t exactly fit in it. So I soon retired it and returned to the tote. Plus, backpacks were kinda on the way out in terms of style then, even in schools, and they never really returned —until now.

Leather Backpack, ASOS, here; Leather Backpack, The Row, here

Enter The Row’s iconic little leather knapsack. Not since Prada’s nylon backpack has carrying something on your back looked so cool. For $3,900 what used to be a school necessity is now a major fashion statement, and you can even see the Olsen twins toting this bag around themselves. I understand however, that most of us, myself included, do not have an extra 4k lying around. So… for this week’s Iconic Price & Iconic Style we have an old necessity and trend revisited: the backpack. Not just any backpack though, a sleek leather one. Even the high-street version is pretty sexy. Don’t ya think?


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