Food, Styling and a Madonna Concert in Florence! #Firenze4Ever

Wow, I thought I was ahead in my posts, but after traveling back to the states on Thursday I’ve fallen a bit behind. It’s hard to believe that a week ago I was in Florence attending a Madonna concert, but that’s exactly where I was. After resting in the morning (my Style Lab was on Sunday) I changed and rushed over to the Luisa Via Roma store at about 6:30PM to catch the taxis to the concert with the other bloggers. On the way over I saw one of the models for the Style Lab (top left-hand photo) and Tina Craig from BagSnob styling one of her models with my photographer Tommaso Fontanella, ugh can we talk about that head piece!

When I arrived at the store they had a light dinner for us and then we all jumped in cabs to the concert. On the car ride over I conversed with Hilary from Lsyt about technology, fashion and start-ups. Once we got there we met up with Elizabeth and Carlos from Fashion’s Collective, and like true New Yorkers we barged our way to the front of the stage. I, however, am not one for crowds and eventually made my way back to the Dutch bloggers who were all huddled in the middle. As a DJ opened for Madonna (with Madonna tracks) I brushed up on my Dutch with Anna and Chloe from NSMBL magazine. And then Madonna came out…

Madonna, she can have all my love. She was amazing, looks amazing and sounds amazing. She even made a funny dig at Lady Gaga, by singing Born This Way mixing it it with her original song Holiday.

On the way back, Anna, Chloe and I got desperately lost and could not find the taxis to take us back, but luckily we ran into someone from Luisa Via Roma and made it home safely. My mom was still waiting up for me (um, okay I am almost 25!) and I dashed to bed…the next day was my Style Lab!

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