Barneys New York’s Perfect Pairs – A New Shoe Floor & a Sergio Rossi Shoe Party

I grew up as an only child traversing the floors of New York City’s most famous department stores. Bloomingdales, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel and Barneys. After a short stint of living in Jersey (no, I never teased my hair, well not purposely) I discovered Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. I am not sure why I loved these stores more than smaller boutiques, but for a while me and Aka (my great-aunt) were on a first name basis with almost all managers at all stores on all floors. Which, brings me to my point.

Knowing the floors of my various stores was imperative, perhaps a game in my juvenile mind to make me feel important. Contemporary on 5 at Bergdorf and Saks, designer shoes on 2 at Bergdorf, Co-Op on 7 and 8 at Barneys and shoes on 4. So…when I read that  Barneys was re-vamping their shoe department and moving to a new floor, I was taken aback (in a good way) I would have to re-program.

Welcome to Barneys New York new shoe floor, now on 5. Merging women’s and men’s shoes, the new 5th floor is another haven for time-pressed shoppers and die hard shoe fanatics. Perhaps they wanted to compete with Saks new shoe floor (from 4 to 9) that also owns a zip code (no, really) or to give more importance to the importance of shoes in women’s lives (thanks Carrie) — either way, I noted and recorded it in my memory.

So what’s one of the world’s most glamorous and exclusive stores to do when it crowns a new shoe floor in the most glamorous and exclusive city in the world? Have a party of course! Have lots of parties, and give back to a charitable cause. So on Wednesday night the Barneys gang, including Simon Doonan and Mark Lee, welcomed Sergio Rossi’s creative director Francesco Russo to celebrate his new Fall 2012 collection and Barneys Perfect Pairs campaign for the Human Rights Campaign (10% of all purchases this week will go towards protecting LGBT rights). So…if you’re in New York City, what are you waiting for…head on over to Barneys on 61st and Madison and take the escalator up to the 5th, not 4th floor. One of the best selections of shoes in the city is waiting for you! EEEEE, so excited to visit it next week when I’m in NYC!

P.S. Read Fashionista’s fun interview with Russo here. And tweet a pic and use hashtag #perfectpairs when you buy a pair of shoes at Barneys this weekend!



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