To Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas with Love + My Memories on Olympic Gymnastics

Okay, well if you don’t know who Gabrielle Douglas is you’ve been living under a rock, literally! She’s America’s newest sweetheart, tightly wrapped in a 4′ 11″ and 96-lb package, who catapulted herself to an Olympic gold medal in the Women’s All-Around competition in gymnastics during the London 2012 Olympics this past Thursday. She’s fierce, gorgeous, a delight and up until 4-5 months ago an unknown in the sport.
So, as I delayed blogging last week to read about the history of women’s gymnastics and obsessively read the results of each of Gabby’s tumbles I thought, “wow, this is the first time I’ve noticed gymnastics since the ’96 games!” I didn’t even know who Shawn, Nastia and Carly were! The only name I remembered was Dominique Dawes. I think that speaks volumes. It speaks volumes to how much Gabby Douglas means to this sport and to the African-American community. On a whole, we’re used to being underrepresented in the media. However, just as the pride we felt when Obama won the presidency, we’re overcome with positive, hopeful and aspirational feelings. OH, and she was also the only gymnast on the “Fab Five” team to perform all four routines. And she nailed them…helping the U.S. team to also win the team competition. She has two more competitions coming up: uneven bars and balance beam. I hope she wins gold on both of those as well!

To Gabby: I love you, you’re amazing, beautiful and superbly talented! I hope to see in the 2016 Olympics in Rio!

P.S. I also had other favorites this season. Mckayla Maroney and Aliya Mustafina. Yes, I know Mustafina is Russian, and we’re not supposed to like them, however, did you see her glares? Her eye cuts, her glittered filled hair and pursing lips. Iconic! Please join a reality show in the U.S.!

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