Shop the Celebrity Trend: Lace Dresses, Pants & Blouses!

If you’re like me and always on the lookout for the next big celebrity trend* that you can translate into your everyday style, then you’ve probably noticed lace this season, both on the runway and off. Whether on an Olsen twin, Zoe Saldana or Blake Lively, lace can glam up an outfit instantly. And while you might be afraid of this sometimes sexy trend, you shouldn’t be! Just add on a blazer, shrug or cape and keep the racy lace for after dark. See below for more tips!

For the daytime try this flirty and fun yellow lace dress here. Add an animal print belt to it, bright pumps and funky chandelier earrings. YES, this is daytime, trust me!

And…for night…try a sexy lace by Valentino or if you’re on a budget (or just a normal person) this one here.

*Why do I follow celebrity trends? Because they’re taken right off the runway and from the magazine pages by top stylists, who I immensely admire and respect. 

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