Nicole Richie and John Varvatos at H&M “Fashion Star” Party —And My Thoughts on the Show!

Tuesday night Nicole Richie, a mentor on NBC’s “Fashion Star,” and all around style icon, hosted an event at H&M in NYC to celebrate the success of her show and the aspiring designers and established retailers behind  it. Joining her was fellow show mentor John Varvatos, some of the show’s designers and a lot of good music.

Have you been watching the show? I tried for a few episodes, but was more interested in Richie’s wardrobe, Simpson’s expanding belly and the Jeopardy like format of the bidding wars! Your thoughts? Has anyone actually bought any of the clothes selected on the shows?

Also, let’s talk Richie’s look…ICONIC! Love the print, love the red satin shoes, and love the Geisha bun and fierce bangs! I love Richie’s look so much I chose to crop one of the women out of the photo a bit to accommodate her entire ensemble! Oops!

P.S. I am VERY proud though that two of the senior buyers on the show at Macy’s & H&M are women of color though…

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