Music Monday Muse: IAMEVE – Vintage Style & A Sensual Voice

Tiff Randol, the musician behind IAMEVE has a distinctive, breathy voice that can lull me you to bed every night. Her voice is sensual, deep, meaningful, and her sense of style is not far off. The Huffington Post described Randol’s voice as, “colorful and ethereal,” and it’s easy to see why. Her debut album, The Everything Nothing is a 12-song compilation of her personal journey through heartbreak and redemption.

(Top Left to Right) Sequin Jacket, Haute Hippie, here; Engraved Horn Cuff, House of Harlow, here; Quilted Fin Choker, Anndra Neen, here; Rebel Lipstick, M.A.C., here; Oval Stone Necklace, Yochi, here

While I am not sure about the details of the man who broke her heart, I can say he didn’t mess with her sense of fashion. Below I talk to this talented young gal and get the details on everything from her favorite vintage shops in LA to her favorite musicians and of course, the favorite piece of clothing in her closet!

ICON: What is style to you?

TR: Style to me is just another palette to play with and express how I am feeling at any moment.  I think I’m a bit of a chameleon and my style is usually consistent with whatever mood I’m in at that time, so it ping pongs around day to day and project to project.

ICON: How does your music influence what you wear?

TR: Usually most of the music I do is based around some concept or story, so its very visual for me and the clothes are just part of the concept.  At the moment I feel inspired by a mixture of flow-y pixie things and structured pieces that feel like something out of an Isaac Asimov novel.

ICON: What’s on your iPod, besides your own music?

TR: Empire of the Sun, Getz/Gilberto, Hall & Oates, Temper Trap, MGMT, Albert Hammond, Kelly Sweet, Bjork, Billie Holiday, Talking Heads, Spinners, Pet Shop Boys and Ravel String Quartets.

ICON: What are you currently obsessed with right now in your closet?

TR: Mostly putting new things in it ;)   But other than that I have this one piece vintage jumper that I bought from my Sweet Vintage in Echo Park. It’s black with gold stripes, puffy, and weird looking — and the most comfortable thing I have ever had on my body.  I know its a winner if I can wear it out to a fancy place and lounge around the house in it.

ICON: How do you go from day to the stage?

TR: It’s like day and night. Normally I like to keep it natural, but when I perform I love to play dress up and experiment to create an atmosphere and access a different part of myself.

ICON: What can our readers expect next from you in music?

TR: The rest of the year IAMEVE is releasing a new single every month leading up to the release of the album The Everything Nothing, along with videos, tour dates, and the portrait series by Jacob Rushing.  Everyone can stay tuned on facebook ( or through the website: where I send regular updates.


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