Monday Music Muses – The Peach Kings x Alternative Apparel

The Peach Kings are an upcoming LA-based band that partnered with Alternative Apparel for their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign to showcase their laid-back LA style. They were kind enough to sit down with The Icon Concierge and talk about their recent collaboration with American Apparel, their style and what they play on their iPod before they go on stage!

ICON: What is style to you?

PK: Style for me is always evolving with each passing outfit. It’s always there even if your not trying. Scientists in lab coats have awesome style. I love looking to specific eras of cinema fashion and pictures of my beautiful mama for inspiration and mixing up modern twists with my personality. I think being comfortable lends a hand in feeling confident but sometimes it helps to glam it up a notch.

ICON: How does your music influence what you wear?

PK: Our sound is very similar to our style. We like throw back classic looks with our own spin and sometimes we add a sense of humor. I have a masculine feminine style and I guess I like that I’ve heard my vocals and lyrics can also have somewhat of a androgynous feel. Alternative Apparel is great for me and Steven on the road because I find myself wanting to wear his clothes mixed with feminine pieces out of my suitcase. The most important thing for me on stage is to be able to move.

ICON: What’s on your iPod, besides your own music?

PK: Let’s see.. Here’s a play list that I sometimes like to move to or zone out with before a set:

Stevie Wonder – We Can Work it out ( Stevie is like mental /audio aerobics before a set. Gets my feet stomping. )

Betty Wright – Tonight is the Night (this live performance is great inspiration for gettin lose)

Ada Richards – I’m Drunk & I’m Real High (can’t go wrong. song has soul! )

Marvin Gaye – Got to Give it Up (total vibe track. Makes you feel like you’re ready to host a party)

Lorenz Rhode – Back (LOVE Lorenz Rhode! sweet and funky! )

Lazer Sword – Jet Black (They’re my boys, definitely good for stage hype)

ICON: What are you currently obsessed with right now in your closet?

PK: I would have to say my favorite jewel mint necklace, Steven’s Alternative Apparel cardigan, my dads leather bomber jacket and my vintage spectator shoes. They are getting some solid rotation in my weekly wardrobe at the moment. I’ve had to super glue the soles on the spectators a couple times now.

ICON: How do you go from day to the stage?

PK: When I’m going on stage I like to feel like I’m going to work. Even if it’s a subtle style statement, the band is like the set dressing on stage and if it doesn’t make sense with the vibe of the music or how I’m trying to move to, it becomes distracting to me. I’ve worn some crazy outfits before that I was in love with but maybe had a little trouble breathing or was worried it would come apart if I made any large gestures and that’s the worst thing because then you can’t let yourself get there. So if I can grab the right pair of nylons in the morning that keep me moving and inspired all day, then that’s what I’m wearing on stage.

ICON: What can our readers expect next from you in music?

PK: We are extremely excited about The Peach Kings first vinyl release that we’ve entitled, Handsome Moves. The second single off the album will be released soon! You can check out the first single and video, Thieves and Kings in the meantime.


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