Monday Music Muse: Marla Joy, Bohemian Beauty

Musician Marla Joy knows a thing or two about style. Hailed for her soulful tunes and sultry voice, the rising star sticks to bohemian rocker basics such as leather pants, maxi skirts, oversized accessories and stylish hats. The Icon Concierge was fortunate enough to sit down with Joy and learn more about her music career and fashion picks!

ICON: What is Style to You?

MJ: Style to me is an extension of who I am. It’s all encompassing with my music, with my vibe….it’s another art form in which I express myself, I think of it like art. It can change from day to day, but the overall core remains. Most importantly, clothes can be bought…style is something you exude.

ICON: How do you incorporate your personal style into your music or vice versa?

MJ: My style is massively incorporated and relevant to my music. I’m musically and esthetically inspired by the late 60s rock and roll stars. The leather and velvet pants, an abundance of huge accessories, the bohemian glamour of massive maxi skirts, eclectic and vintage pieces. When I’m on stage I need to feel completely whole with who I am and that is so much of it. Off stage, it doesn’t change much…maybe a little toned down (so I’ll take off a vintage gold chain or two…maybe!

ICON: Whats on Your iPod Besides your own music?

MJ: For starters, I never listen to my  own music on  my iPod.  You’ll definitely find Aretha, Janis, The Beatles, Led Zepplin and Hendrix. As far as current stuff I’m a huge fan of the Black Keys, The Sheepdogs, Amy and Adele is definitely there too. I’m actually feeling Bruno Mars right now-especially after his performance at the Grammys. Oh, also discovered the Fleet Foxes, dig them.

ICON: What are you currently obsessed with right now in your closet?

MJ: I saw a mannequin in a department store while perusing one day, and loved the look.  A few days later, literally while hoping into a van to do a show in Montreal I went in on a whim without trying on this black sequined hip hugging Calvin Klein skirt —it was meant to be. Obsessed!

ICON: How do you decide what to wear on stage so that it compliments your performance?

MJ: Like I mentioned before, I believe that the visual compliments the audio, and vice versa, they go together. I wear what I feel, I usually end up tossing my shoes off mid-way, but I love to have a ton of huge accessories. I’ve been really into massive skirts and leather vests lately…Haute Hippie is my go-to brand!

ICON: What can our readers expect next from you in music?

MJ: Greatness! Some sexy rock and soul blues that’ll make you feel so gooooooood!

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