Monday Music Muse: Madonna’s New Video for Turn Up the Radio

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For this week’s Monday Music Muse we’re going to try something different. Instead of featuring an artist on the cusp, or one that you should know, I’m going to feature a household name. Madonna. She recently released the video for her new single from her MDNA album, Turn Up The Radio. And, she shot this video while she was in Florence, which happens to be the same time I was in Florence.

Oh, you don’t say! I’m kidding. Anyway, as you probably know I also had the opportunity to attend her concert there with the other fashion bloggers from Luisa Via Roma’s Firenze4Ever event. One of the things we discussed while waiting for her to come on stage was our first memory of Madonna. So I thought I would share mine with you.

When I was in fifth grade (9 years old) this boy that I had a crush on brought a Spice Girls CD to school. I had never heard of them, and when I went home I asked my mom to buy me one. “Sure,” she said. “But how will you listen to it? Do they have a record?” Yes, a record, because all we had in the house was an old record player that belonged to my great-grandmother and my mom’s tape player. So for Christmas that year I begged her for a boom box. Am I dating myself? Anyway, she said she would buy me one, and my grandmother said she would buy me 3 CDs for it. When she asked me what musicians I wanted, I had no clue what to say! The only people I really knew were Jim Reeves, Freddy Fender and of course (if my classmates are reading this) Gloria Gaynor. So, I said Madonna. Randomly, instinctively, I don’t know it was just the first name that came to my mind. “All Madonna?” my grandmother asked. “Yes, I am a huge fan,” I replied. Well, duh! She was literally the only name I knew off the top of my head, since my great-aunt, Aka, was always complaining about her cone bra! And at 10 you’re just happy to hear the word bra! So…I get her CDs, Erotica, Like A Virgin and Like A Prayer (oh grandma, always wanting to make me happy), and BAM I am hooked. My instant favorite tunes are Borderline, Dress You Up (cause I’ve always loved clothes), Over and Over, Pretender (I watched 90210), Like A Prayer (come on she featured a Black Jesus!), Like A Virgin (cause virgins are very interesting to 10 year olds, even if you don’t know you’re one), Express Yourself, Fever and (don’t laugh) Bad Girl! I listened to these 3 CDs for almost a year straight since my birthday was in September. It was magical, erotic, a little confusing, but most of all a good time.

As for Madonna’s attire her latest video? You know, the fashion. Well, it’s not a cone bra, however her cupeth runnesth over! Smooth faced, hard bodied and with a 50s hairstyle,  Madonna has really never looked better. Shot with a vintage grainy look, it starts with her running out of a hotel and into a chauffeured car. It ends with her dancing in the street and making indulgent poses in the backseat of her car. Oh, and I mentioned this was shot in Italy right? MEGA! Enjoy the video everyone! And remember, turn up the boom box radio.

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