Monday Music Muse: DJ Kiss, Music’s Most Stylish DJ

Ja-Kissa Taylor-Semple is a New York City based DJ better known to her fans as DJ Kiss. Praised for creating irresistible dance tunes for clubs, the fashion elite and celebrities, she is also frequently tapped for her vast musical knowledge and unique style. An accomplished DJ and television personality, DJ Kiss is undeniably fashionable and not afraid to dress girly in a previously male-dominated profession.

Today ICON is proud to present an exclusive interview with the style-setting DJ about her career, fashion obsessions and what’s next in her enviable career!

ICON: You were named one of U.S Weekly’s 25 most stylish New Yorkers. Do you consider yourself stylish and a trendsetter?

DJK: It was an honor to be named one of Us Weekly’s 25 most stylish New Yokers! I love fashion so it was amazing to be recognized for my personal style. I think that trendsetting is very cyclical. For instance, someone or something may influence me and then I’ll get dressed and go out and influence someone else.

ICON: What is style to you?

DJK: Style is the way I visually express my personality to the world.

ICON: How does your music influence what you wear?

DJK: I definitely dress for different jobs depending on the aesthetic of the brand and type of music I’ll be playing. I may wear a dress with a pair of sky-high pumps and a super chic clutch to job for Salvatore Ferragamo, where as if I’m working for Alexander Wang I may still wear a dress, but I’ll throw on a leather jacket with a pair of black booties and an edgy bag.

ICON: You mix beats and music that just makes people want to get up and dance. What do you recommend one wears out to be stylish and still be able to keep up with your tunes?

DJK: I’m definitely an advocate of dressing comfortably. I love to wear clothes made with fabrics with a lot of movement. Your outfit should compliment you evening rather than restrict it!

ICON: You’re in a career that is traditionally thought of as a male dominated field. How do you tackle that, and do you feel pressure to dress tougher or act a certain way?

DJK: My husband (DJ M.O.S) is also a DJ, but I don’t think it is male dominated anymore. Over the past few years women have really stepped up and made DJing their own. I dress very femininely when working because that’s my style in general.

ICON: What are you currently obsessed with right now in your closet?

DJK: Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing skirts! I’ve got some amazing ones from Peter Pilotto, Christopher Kane, and Proenza Schouler that I’m seriously obsessed with!

ICON: What’s next for you in your music or professional career?

DJK: I’ve got some great television opportunities in the works and I’m working on some fun new mixes for the spring.

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