Magazine Monday: Katie Holmes on ELLE Magazine in Holmes & Yang

Katie, Katie, Katie. Kudos on standing up for yourself and getting out of what was at best, a questionable union. What I love most though is that she’s done it in conjunction with her announcement that she’s entering the fashion world, full force, with an upcoming presentation at New York Fashion Week this September. So what does a celebrity do when they have a new project or are trying to reinvent themselves?
Get on the cover of a major magazine of course. So here she is on the August 2012 ELLE cover wearing a mix of her own collection, Holmes & Yang and some Tom Ford. Cause even when you have Tom’s money and your own fashion line, you can always use some TF. While she undoubtedly shot this cover at least a few months back, before she officially filed for divorce, I think it’s a bit ironic that it’s coming out now. Bravo, Katie, you’re no longer a girl from the Creek! And that hair, oh Gah, that hair!

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