Kim Kardashian & Kanye West at the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Dinner — Fashion, Love & Foolishness

Okay, I am going to go there…I am going to break down Kim Kardashian’s love life and give her some advice. But first, the main story: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make official debut as a couple, a couple who loves fashion, at the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Dinner on Tuesday night in New York City. Yes, she wore Chanel, yes her assets were accentuated and yes Kanye was dressed in urban cool gear. Now to the juicy stuff…

Kim…I love you! I defend you to my friends, my mother, even my husband, but you’re making it hard. You haven’t had the best track record in love, yet you continue to date immature bad boys, or boys who you can easily boss around —and will and do get bored with!

You’re beautiful, no, scratch that, you’re gorgeous and you have the special talent of selling ice to eskimos. That’s a compliment. So why are you so clueless in love? It’s because you’re conceited. I’ve watched all seasons of all your shows, and each season you become more conceited and it becomes harder for you to find a man. And let me tell you, Kanye West over there, the man who our President publicly called a “jack-a$$,” is not your answer to happiness or redeeming yourself in the public eye. You’re just making yourself look foolish again like you did with the whole tiara-clad wedding thing.

So what’s an Armenian wannabe princess to do? Take a year off from love and just do you. Relax, breathe, hang out with your family and concentrate on your businesses. And then find a businessman, someone who will settle you down and give you the respect that I, and all your fans, think you deserve.

Just my two cents…

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