Kim Kardashian Covers New York Magazine’s Fall Fashion Issue

This is my favorite magazine everyone. Well, not New York Magazine in particular, but their fashion issues in Spring and Fall. I wait with bated breath for these two issues every February and August. So…as I walked past newsstands in NYC this summer I constantly kept an eye out for the Fall Fashion issue. Finally on Saturday Sasha tweeted a pic and today I hunted down my very own copy! And who’s on the cover? Why Kim Kardashian of course! Looking like Mother Teresa in a shot photographed by Pari Dukovic. Now, I know you might think this is an unusual choice for a major Fall Fashion issue, and even the magazine poses the question: Does Kim Kardashian belong on the cover of a fashion issue? But for me the answer is yes.
I’ve never hidden my love for Kim Kardashian, her figure, her love life, her family or how she shot to fame for seemingly nothing. That takes talent people. She’s a cultural phenomenon that is lasting much longer than most people would like to admit. She’s also an admitted lover of fashion. And while you may or may not like her red carpet choices, she wears them boldly, and represents a group of American women that most industries would like to pretend doesn’t exist. A modern-day Monroe…or just a modern-day woman.

So, for me, the answer is yes. Kim Kardashian does belong on the cover of a fashion magazine. Not because of her relationship with self-professed designer Kanye West or because of her “kollections” in Sears with her sisters, but because she’s relevant. She’s of this moment, on-trend and in style. And that’s also probably why Pari decided to photograph her in this angelic pose…because right now, she can do no wrong. So what if Vogue doesn’t approve of her…the people do.

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