In Her Purse: Touriya Vaughan of THV PR | Fashion PR Must-Haves

Touriya Vaughan is more than just a gorgeous face. A former model and actress, Touriya is now a successful business woman with her own Fashion PR firm in Los Angeles (THV PR) and a wife and mother. She not only balances her hectic professional life, but also her home life with her favorite purse.

Read on to learn more about her iconic and enviable life and how the contents of her purse keep her on schedule, nourished and perfectly bronzed!


ICON: What’s your favorite purse? The one you can’t live without?

TV: Gucci Horsebit Large Hobo Bag- it can fit all my essentials and more, while still looking chic!

ICON: What are the essentials in your purse? The items that keep you on track and stylish?

TV: 1. My Blackberry- I am a Blackberry woman, I can’t seem to part with my bbm! I can
always pull up any website, news article and images on the go.
2. Laura Mercier Shimmer block in Bronze- this adds the perfect glow and keeps your
face looking youthful and luminous even if you are running on empty!
3. Planner- I like my technology, but sometimes having everything on paper helps keep
my schedule organized.
4. Fresh Facial Spray- just a spritz and I feel instantly refreshed! This is great for
travelling too; adding hydration and moisture for your skin.
5. Tom Ford Lipgloss in Peach- this is my Must-Have daily essential when it comes to
makeup! The gloss is slightly sheer but has the perfect amount of neutral color for a lip
to go with any outfit.
6. Pictures- I always have pictures of my family with me to take them wherever I go. My
husband and two sons, and soon a third son will be part of the group!
7. Snacks- Throughout the day, my energy levels can drop so I always have snacks
on hand. A handful of nuts and some Earl Gray Tea help get me through the afternoon
energy lulls!

ICON: What’s your role at THV PR, and how did it get started?

TV: CEO and Co-founder. I began the company 2 years ago from my dining
room table, and now we can’t grow fast enough!

ICON: What’s your everyday schedule like?

TV: Everyday keeps me on my feet, we always have something different going on in the
office! Whether I am on the phone with editors, attending fashion presentations, holding
client meetings or handing red carpet requests, I am always on the go with something new! It’s all very fast paced.

About THV PR: 

THV PR is an upscale boutique public relations firm based in Los Angeles, with a
strong focus on Domestic & International fashion, accessories, lifestyle products
and offerings. Were proud to be more ‘hands-on’ with a personalized approach
than the traditional agency in which our showroom puts great value in offering its
clients a ‘one-stop’ shop destination for your public relations, distribution, sales
& product display! THV PR services include media relations, editorial, product
placements, celebrity wardrobe styling, special events, branding and media

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P.S. Congrats to Touriya’s husband Greg who is on the new hit ABC show GCB!

P.P.S. Congrats to Touriya and Greg who recently welcomed their third child and third son!

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