In Her Purse: Britain’s “IT” Girl, Zara Martin

In honor of London Fashion Week we thought we’d travel across the pond and into the purse of Britain’s “IT” girl, Zara Martin. An established fashion personality, model and musician in London this rising star has no signs of slowing down and thus packs her favorite purse smartly. If you don’t know about Martin yet, read on to learn more about this adorable Brit and what she packs in her purse daily!

ICON: What is the brand and style of your favorite carryall tote that you use on a day to day basis.

ZM: Mulberry, Polly Push Lock Bag or Balenciaga, City Bag.

ICON: What are the essentials in your purse everyday?

ZM: iPad2 – I use it for everything. I’m a tech geek. iPod – have to have some tunes with me every where I go. BlackBerry – PING!!! Lip Balm – YSL Sheer Candy Sunglasses, usually a Ran Ban of some description. Chewing Gum – say NO to bad breath. Instant Hand Sanitizer – hate germs.

ICON: You’re a model, DJ and host. How do you balance it all?

ZM: I have the most wonderful people around me, they make everything possible and don’t laugh at (to my face, at least) my crazy ideas.

ICON: You live between LA and London, which one do you like best and why?

ZM: I live in London full-time now. I love both cities, they couldn’t be more different. But even with the rain vs. sun situation I will always be a Londoner at heart.

ICON: What’s your daily schedule like?

ZM: Every day is so different, and plans constantly change. I have ADD so I couldn’t really have it any other way! Coffee is a constant though…

ICON: Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with our readers here at

ZM: I have a collaboration with an ethical jewelry brand called MADE coming out in May
which will be exclusively available on I also have a club night called OOH
LA LA launching in the next month or so with my good friend and singer, Sunday Girl.
There’s lots of other stuff I’d love to tell you about but I just can’t right now!

In Her Purse is a new bi-weekly feature on The Icon Concierge that details what fashion insiders pack in their favorite purses! @Icon_Concierge.

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