Happy Mother’s Day See Pics of My Mom & I!

Just wanted to wish my own mother, Francesca, and all the other wonderful mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day today! For me, my mother has always been the one to guide, love, nourish and educate me! Okay, maybe not nourish! She doesn’t cook, but we can’t do it all! Also, to Aka who has always

My wedding day, with Aka & Oma, as a baby and on graduation day!

taken care of me like a mother, always taught me how to handle tough situations and loved me like a daughter. And Oma, my grandmother, another insightful, intelligent and strong woman! I could go on for days with stories from these three ladies, but will leave it at that! Can’t wait till I am a mother! So if you’re not with your mother today or have some free time take a look at pics of my mom and I! P.S. Can you see where I get my fashion sense from?

My mom and Godmother Tonya (another amazing woman and motherly figure), coming back from Lake Como, Peninsula Hotel luncheon

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