Designer Chris Benz’s EPIC Film Debut

Epic dress? Questionable, but epic-look inside the making of EPIC.

Seeing Avatar in 2009 undoubtedly blew my mind – so much so that I saw it three times and watched every possible “behind the scenes,” or “making of” special I could. Gone were the days of basic Toy Story computer animation; motion-action completely altered my view on the “animation” genre and made me excited for more.

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    Kate Upton Lands VOGUE US Cover

    It’s a double dose of Magazine Monday today. Voluptuous Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton has landed her first Vogue US cover. Looking sultry in the garment that best suits her—a bathing suit—the young model from the Midwest (and heir to the Whirlpool fortune) has landed her famous assets on the fashion bible. 

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      GUCCI Guilty: Black is Beautiful

      I’m a fragrance enthusiast. I’ve teared up a few eyes and been asked on more than one occasion to wear less scent by co-workers and schoolmates. However, I always forge ahead regardless of who I offend, and most of the time I get stopped in the street for info on my personal mixes. And I never wear just one scent. I always mix it up. Creating my own personal scent bar from beautiful bottles and various designers. 

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        Magazine Monday: Kerry Washington ELLE Magazine

        Finally, a fashion magazine has been brave enough to put a gladiator on the cover. Or just a Black woman. Actress Kerry Washington, the star of ABC’s hit show Scandal and the new film Peoples (produced by Tyler Perry), has finally landed the cover of a national magazine. Gracing the June 2012 issue of ELLE magazine,

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          Moda Operandi's Punk Pieces - Met Ball 2013 - Punk: Chaos to Couture

          Remember when punk fashion was something that only the downtown kids did? Stockings with holes and Coutney Love were the symbols of this era and shopping for these types of clothing involved taking the subway almost to Alphabet City.

          However, since anyone who’s anybody now lives downtown, it’s no surprise that punk fashion is making a mainstream debut with the stamp of approval from Vogue. This year’s Costume Institute Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is called Punk: Chaos to Couture; last night’s MET Ball—the Oscars of the East Coast—was its kickoff event. 

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