WWDMAGIC: FRYE Boots Redefining Footwear

FRYE Boots are known for their classic rugged motorcycle and riding boots, but did you also know that they have a wide array of fashion footwear? One of the best parts of attending MAGIC as an official blogger was not only discovering new brands, but also learning more about the brands you already thought you knew, and had a clear purpose for in your closet.

FRYE is one of these examples, where I thought I had it all figured out, only to realize that they actually design an entire collection of footwear options including sandals, pointy toe flats and woven leather platforms in metallic rose golds and a wide array of mixed media.

For the upcoming season Frye will be featuring a lot of hand woven leathers on all of their shoes and special treatments to their leathers that create a marshmallow or exotic effect for a fraction of the price.

They also had the cutest little loafers in the best nudes and muted pastels.

I absolutely loved learning more about Frye and in case you didn’t know they have a brand new flagship store in Soho (NYC). So make sure to visit them and post your pictures on our Facebook wall!



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