VIDEO: WWDMAGIC: Suecomma Bonnie at FNPlatform

Suecomma Bonnie, a revolutionary shoe line based out of Korea, is already creating a buzz in the fashion blogosphere and debuted at MAGIC this season at FNPlatform (the shoe show at WWDMAGIC). Hoping to make a huge splash in the states and already available at select retailers in NYC and Vegas, the Suecomma Bonnie line immediately caught my eye and I was lucky enough to get a video interview with a  funny and informative sales representative named Steve.

Founded in 2003 by Koren celebrity-stylist, Bohyun Lee, Suecomma Bonnie utilizes exotic leathers, mixed media and bright colors to emphasize their sexy designs and cuts.

Known for their high-fashion styles with swarovski crystals, extensive beading and bright pink soles, Suecomma Bonnie shoes scream designer, but are moderately priced, with most styles starting at only $200.

Suecomma Bonnie is one of those unique lines that will have a lasting effect on the shoe industry and are sure to be spotted on the red-carpet in Hollywood soon.

Watch my video above to get more insider info on this iconic line, view more pictures below and log onto their site now to find a retailer near you.

Media by The Icon Concierge



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