Rodarte Debuts Couture At Pitti – Full Review & Pictures

Rodarte, the iconic brand from the Mulleavy sisters, presented a special couture collection for Pitti W in Florence, Italy today. Adorned with more than 30,000 Swarovski crystals, the ten-piece collection dazzled audiences with structured bodices, a mix of daring colors and creative cuts and biases. 

Off White Silk Georgette Pleated Gown with Off White and Crimson Crinkle Silk Organza, Silk Chiffon, Lace, Satin and Crepe Waves, and Hand Molded Easter Lilies decorated with pearl and Swarovski Crystals
Dusty Blue Silk Georgette Release Pleat Column Gown with Pink Silk Satin, Dusty Blue Gauze, Pale Pink and Dusty Pink Feathers, and Swarovski Crystal Element
Lapis Silk Chiffon Release Pleat Gown with Electric Blue Sequins and Lavender Silk Gauze

Inspired by Bernini’s The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, Rodarte worked with Alexandre de Betak and Bureau Betak to create a site-specific installation in an unused building  in central Florence. In addition to the Swarovski crystals, the garments were constructed with feathers, chiffon, silk georgette, organza, satin, taffeta, sequins and tulle—all creating the highlight of Pitti this season.

The energy in the rooms and the sight of the exquisite gowns were a life changing moment that can only be described as … ecstasy. The suspended dresses were highlighted with spotlights and special lighting that enhanced their dimensions and textures, which reflected off the hand-forged gold metal pieces. It was as if you had entered a couture fantasy.

My favorite piece was a gold lame, silk and hammered sequin gown that incorporated feathers, a gold headpiece and crystal elements. The use of various fabrics and textures was truly unique, and only further cemented the Mulleavy sisters’ exalted place in modern fashion.

Cantaloupe Pleated Silk, Draped Silk Georgette, and Taffeta Gown with Gold Ray Belt

Their use of pleats, draping and fabric manipulation further added to the complexity and character of the gowns. The absolute best part though is that the entire Rodarte Pitti W collection has been acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and I will get to visit it over and over again, and dream up new scenarios and fairy tales about the pieces.

Another favorite design of mine was a white pleated moonshine and sequin gown with feathers and hand beaded Swarovski crystal elements. With so many haute couture designers offering a small collection of wedding options I can absolutely see this dress on a daring and fashion-forward bride who appreciates art and architecture.

Another stand out piece was an ombre pink silk georgette and chiffon pleated and draped gown, topped off with hand beaded crystals and a gold pleated metal breast plate. The ultimate red-carpet dress for an A-list celebrity like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron; a step away from their usual black, but a step up in the drama department. The use of the various shades of pink, framed by the gold bodice is immaculate. This is obviously a Goddess dress and the lighting around it looks like thunderbolts from Zeus himself attempting to summon Aphrodite to his heavens.

Peach Crinkle Chiffon and Taupe Georgette Pleated and Tulle Gown, and Peach feathers with Pleated Gold Belt and Shoulder Pieces.

Special thanks to PR Consulting, Black Frame and Pitti Immagine for inviting The Icon Concierge to this memorable event. Every piece was surprising, spectacular and superbly displayed.

Aqua Silk Georgette and Sequin Release Pleat Ocean Gown
Lime Silk Georgette and Crinkle Silk Chiffon Pleated Gown with hand molded Easter Lilies, Feathers, and Swarovski Crystal Element

Photo Credits: Autumn de Wilde
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