Kim Kardashian: Fragrance of Love

Kim Kardashian, will release a limited edition fragrance called Love by Kim Kardashian for her big day that will run in limited supply – 1000 to be exact.; and will be given away to her bridal party and wedding guests, leaving only about 800 bottles for the rest of us. 

Featuring notes of pink freesia, musk and Egyptian tuberose, this crystal-embellished bottle encased in an over-sized diamond-ring box, is the perfect compliment to her over-the-top and fantastic lifestyle. Gathering from the crowds at New York Citys’ Sephoras late last year as she launched her original fragrance, I can only imagine the stylish rat-race that will ensue to get one of these pristine bottles.

Priced at $100 and available on her site at, pre-ordering is available now.

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