John Galliano is fired from DIOR

By now you’ve probably heard that famed and fabled fashion designer John Galliano has been fired. He sat at the helm of Dior for almost two decades and following an arrest on Saturday in Paris for making anti-semitic remarks, Dior’s parent company LVMH has suspended him indefinitely. 

Now, after a video surfaced of him stating, ‘I love Hitler’, Dior president, Sidney Toledano is taking legal measures to remove Galliano from his long-held position at Dior as creative director.

While his remarks are deplorable and disgusting, I personally think that there’s more to this story in regards to his relationship with Dior. He made that company what it is today. He took an ailing and stale fashion house in the 90s and revitalized it to the point that revenue tipped 1 BILLION dollars last year.

What will happen to Dior’s runway collection that is scheduled for March 5th and and his personal presentation that is scheduled for March, 6? That has yet to be determined.

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