ICONIC Brand: Elena Iachi

An exciting aspect of Pitti is that there are plentiful opportunities for emerging designers to showcase their new lines, and introduce themselves to both the Italian and international fashion worlds.  One such designer is Elena Iachi, who has created and just released a wonderful collection of handcrafted boots.  I stopped by Luisa Via Roma for the line’s unveiling to speak with Cristiano Paolini, part of the small team that started the company, about the Elena Iachi shoes and brand.

Cristiano walked me through the styles and I was at first struck by the simplicity of the boots – something I appreciate in fashion. There are a limited number of styles, which Cristiano said reflects the company’s focus on quality, not quantity.  The boots themselves are impeccably designed and handmade, with unique details like exposed nails and individually-distressed and dyed leather.

The look is slightly masculine, Western-meets-combat – a daring and bold style that is meant to make a statement on its own. Cristiano told me that when designing the shoes, Iachi was inspired by today’s “aggressive and unique girls,” and envisioned the boots as a symbol of power.  The team sees them going well with with mod, 60s-inspired clothes … I would love a pair of the tall black style with acid-wash leggings and a graphic tee. The point is, they’re boots for any lifestyle, any fashion statement, any type of girl.  They could be paired with a lace dress, jeans and a t-shirt, or even a gold lamé mini-skirt – anything goes.

The company strives to keep its Italian roots a moving force behind the designs, and each handmade piece is made in the tradition of Marche shoemakers.  “Precious, unique, and aggressive,” are the words that Cristiano uses to describe the new Elena Iachi line, and they are just that – each boot is a beautifully expressive accessory, that can be worn by any girl, and will definitely speak to her powerful side.

Follow Elena Iachi on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/elenaiachi and if you’re in Florence please make sure to check out their iconic collection at Luisa Via Roma!



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