ICON Exclusive: LONDON show ROOMS in Los Angeles

Last week Monday during Los Angeles Fashion Week, The British Fashion Council brought LONDON show ROOMS, an exhibit featuring some of England’s most innovative and brightest designers, to Los Angeles. The participants included Nicholas Kirkwood, Erdem, Roksanda IlincicPeter PilottoMarios Schwab, Todd Lynn, E.Tautz, Mary Katrantzou and Richard Nicoll. After having exhibited successfully in New York and Paris, the initiative aimed to introduce and develop new business opportunities for the designers in the West Coast marketplace.

The decision to bring LONDON show ROOMS to Los Angeles marks an important moment in West Coast fashion history, as it further solidifies our importance in the global fashion market. Los Angeles has a delicate relationship with fashion, even after having produced some of our country’s greatest fashion houses and long-lasting trends. After all, we may not have an official fashion week sponsor, but we do have the largest marketing tool: celebrities. We also host all the major fashion shows including the Golden Globes, Emmy’s and Oscars, where all major designers cajole celebs, and their LA-based stylists, to wear their designs. In addition, our residents have major spending power, that they’re not afraid to wield when they see something beautiful or inspiring, whether it’s a sweat shirt or a couture gown. However, enough about the politics of fashion, let’s get down to the designers, their designs and the few interviews and quotes I was able to capture!

Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood is possibly the best-known British footwear designer since Manolo Blahnik. His designs are fun, quirky and give women the perfect balance between timeless sophistication and on-trend pieces.

I absolutely love how his collection included classic pumps, confetti wedges and bold colors. The designer was also absolutely down to earth and super friendly.

To learn more about Nicholas Kirkwood you can visit, www.nicholaskirkwood.com.

Richard Nicoll

Richard Nicoll, the personable French-born designer, who previously assisted Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, showcased his fun and flirty designs in pastel hues during London Fashion Week last month to much acclaim and praise. His expertly edited and cohesive collection presented a fun and fresh look for Spring, and promised to make every woman look and feel, “pretty.”

Mr. Nicoll was kind enough to answer a few questions for The Icon Concierge that spoke to his excitement and enjoyment at being in Los Angeles for the event.

ICON: How do you feel about being part of LONDON show ROOMS in Los Angeles?

RN: Happy, it’s such a good idea. I am very glad to be showing my collection here.

ICON: What inspired this collection?

RN: It was inspired by this 1960′s French Film, L’enfer (Inferno), it’s a sort of retrospective on everything I have done thus far in my career. Every collection I’ve done is like a chapter, and this one is the end of a volume. The next one I can start fresh, a new slate.

I absolutely loved his lightweight fabrics and easy frills. Super flirty and super feminine. To learn more about his collection you can visit, www.richardnicoll.com.

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic, the statuesque designer behind her namesake collection, has had recent success dressing celebrities and the likes of Kate Middleton. Her lines are effortless and her pieces embody an earlier time of simplicity, elegance and retro glamour. Ms. Ilincic was also kind enough to answer some questions for The Icon Concierge that addressed her inspiration and what it is like to design and live in London.

ICON: How do you feel being in Los Angeles?

RI: Feels great to be here, I think all the designers are very excited.

ICON: How does living in London influence the way you design?

RI: It influences it a lot. London is full of inspiration and has a special atmosphere of healthy competition, so you’re constantly challenging yourself. It’s very important to be creative and edgy.

ICON: What inspired your latest collection?

RI: 1960s couture with a bit of grunge. Bringing everything down to the streets, and making it young and modern.

I love the depth of fabrics that Ilincic used, along with the heavy embroidery and vibrant colors. I can’t wait to see who will be wearing her designs this awards season! You can learn more about the Roksanda Ilincic collection at www.roksandailincic.com.

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto, the brainchild of Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, two young and ambitious designers, brought vibrant prints, lace and heavy beading to LONDON show ROOMS, with an electric collection. Perfect for tea, but made for the jungle, the inspiration for the collection came from a recent trip to Indonesia, where they were immersed in the beautiful color, imagery and nature of the island, which included tropical jungles and explosive volcanoes.

Take a look at the detail in their pieces…ICONIC!

To learn more about Peter Pilotto you can visit, www.peterpilotto.com.

Marios Schwab

To learn more about Marios Schwab you can visit, www.mariosschwab.com.


To learn more Erdem you can visit, www.erdem.co.uk.

Mary Katrantzou

To learn more Mary Katrantzou you can visit, www.marykatrantzou.com.

Todd Lynn

To learn more Todd Lynn you can visit, www.toddlynn.com.

The Icon Concierge would like to thank Starworks LA for inviting us to this magical event!

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