GUEST BLOGGER: Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty Exhibition by RomeoStyle

The Met Gala for Alexander McQueen’Savage Beauty was Monday night in NYC and we’re still drooling over what everyone wore.   After seeing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly dresses from the Gala, I started to wonder, what if most of the female celebrities, fashion elite and musical artists who attended the Met Gala this year had worn an Alexander McQueen creation instead of what they showed up in?

I decided to do my own “Dress Them Up,” another challenge for myself!  I chose some of my favorites pieces from the late great McQueen that haven’t already been snatched up by the MET. Luckily for me, choosing from over 10 years of Alexander McQueen designs, the choices were not limited.

Visit and see all of her McQueen-celebrity picks here!

Name: Kalyca Romeo
Age: 21 plus (wink)
Occupation: Stylist, Artist and Writer




RomeoStyle is one of my favorite fashion blogs and they also recently did a profile on The Icon Concierge! Kalyca is a talented and upcoming writer and I encourage ALL of my ICON readers to also visit and bookmark her site.

For more information on the Alexander McQueen, ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition that debuted at The Met this week with a huge splash, you can see all the red-carpet arrivals (and what the stars did wear) to the 2011 Met Costume Institute Gala honoring the late and the great Alexander McQueen. 

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