Go Try It On iPhone app – Interview w/ founder Marissa Evans

Ever go to a store, try something on, but have no one there who will give you an honest opinion about how you look except that annoying sales person who clearly works on commission? Well, now there’s an app for that! Harvard business school graduate,
Marissa Evans has launched the Go Try It On app. Available at the moment only for iPhone and online (www.gotryiton.com), Go Try It On lets users quickly snap photos of themselves and share it with their friends or the community at large for helpful and positive opinions. Now that’s something we can all use!

Evans was kind enough to sit down with The Icon Concierge for a quick interview on what prompted her to launch this application, how it works exactly and the supportive community of women and shoppers she hopes to build.

ICON: Tell me about your background and history.

ME: I’ve always loved entrepreneurship. While getting my undergraduate degree from Cornell University I started a T-shirt line called, A Shirt Thing, that sold personalized gear to campuses. Afterwards, I went straight to Harvard Business school for my MBA and then started working for a Digital Branding agency called Digitas. So I decided to merge my background of fashion and the digital world and launch, Go Try It On. However, I don’t consider myself a fashionista or fashion insider. All the style sites out there focused on very put-together women, but I wanted something that focused on most of us, who have no idea about what to buy or how to style ourselves.

ICON: Why did you decide to create Go Try It On?

ME: Well, I wanted something that was more approachable and available to everyone. When I was little my sister and I would sit on our parents bed and watch my mom try on different clothes and help her get dressed. When I was in college and growing up I would send pictures of myself to friends in different outfits for feedback on what to wear. However, you could never really trust that opinion since a friend or family member usually wants to be nice. I thought there should be a place where women could go and get instant and unbiased feedback on what they were trying on in a positive environment.

ICON: How does Go Try It On work?

ME: You can get or give an opinion on your outfit or outfits that people have posted to the community. To get an opinion you snap a pic of yourself trying something on and then you enter where you are going and ask if it is too dressy, too causal or if your shoes or other accessories go with the outfit. To give an opinion you can log onto the site or on your iPhone and vote on different looks posted to the community and leave a comment.

ICON: How do you foresee social media continuing to mold and shape the future of fashion?

ME: Social media and the web offer a lot of great content, but it can often be hard to find. Where do you go to find the perfect black jacket to compliment your outfit or where do you go for the perfect accessory for a day out? I want to create a community where people can help each other source these items. Sort of like democratizing styling, something that is accessible to all and available to the masses, not just the privileged. Everyone deserves to look the best they possibly can. A community of people dedicated to helping style one another can help solve this problem. I want to democratize fashion.

ICON: Any plans for another platform? Are you going to expand on what Go Try It On offers so far?

ME: Definitely. The next layer will be a social shopping site coming out in the next few months.

ICON: Besides the social and styling aspects of Go Try It On, are there any other messages or purposes that it serves?

ME: Absolutely. We’re very strict on the community rules and only tolerate positive reinforcement and feedback. The spirit of the site is helpful, encouraging and uplifting. We don’t allow any inappropriate photos or negative comments.

ICON: Where can people get Go Try It On?

ME: People can download the Go Try It On app for free from the iTunes store, and we do have plans in the works to optimize it for other platforms.


I’ve downloaded the Go Try It On app on my iPad and I love it! Being an amateur stylist myself I love giving opinions on other people’s looks and the feel of the site is definitely positive which is very nice. So, what are you waiting for ICON readers? Go try it on!

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