Geoffrey Mac Creates Beautiful Creatures – New York Fashion Week F/W 2012

The world according to Geoffrey Mac is shocking, bold, and vibrant. His Fall 2012 collection can only be described as otherworldly. From the first model that steps on the runway it is evident that this will not be like any other fashion show. The models tower over the audience in 5-inch heels and their shiny beehive hair added another foot at least. They are strong walkers and untraditional beauties. They have become the perfect otherworldly canvases for the art of Geoffrey Mac.

Drawing inspiration from looking at skeletons and bone structures from a variety of mammals as well as the art of Dev Harlan, the Geoffrey Mac Fall 2012 collection was born. The pieces seem to create an extension of the body in a non-human form, from stylized horns, humps, and spikes on shoulders, hips and arms. Yet, it is this alien shape that gives Geoffrey Mac a point of view and an edge. The non-human form is functional and leaves the edgy rock and roll enthused crowd drooling for more. One could objectively look at his pieces as an ode to a time to come.

Mac plays with a few bright colors on the pieces and with the models bright painted eye make up, yet forms a perfect balance with natural and neutral tones. He finds playful notes with turquoise, a vivacious red, and lemon yellow. His structured jackets, and skirts find a balance with a few flowing dresses adorned with just enough black leather in all the right places.

There was something very Gaga-esque about it all. One might have even been reminded of the late but great Amy Winehouse in the presentation of the hair and makeup. Whatever the audience was reminded of, it was true to Rock and Roll. The clothing itself was a performance; it only makes sense that it reminds us of some of our most beloved icons. It also doesn’t hurt that Geoffrey Mac serves as a go-to designer for the pop divas of today. Yes, that includes Lady Gaga and Brittney Spears.

In the end, all that I know is, I want to be a part of Geoffrey Mac’s fashionable vision for the future. As long as they allow a girl who is five foot four to become a part of this chic ten-foot tall clan.

All Photography by Michelle Kinney for The Icon Concierge
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