Beauty Report: The Perfect Red Lip

The perfect red lip is something that is hard to achieve, a bit elusive, but every woman’s ultimate idea of glamour (that and the smoky eye). With Fall upon us from coast to coast, most of you are probably lightening up our foundation shades, and trying to incorporate richer colors into our beauty routine to match the darker colors of our clothes. A red lip can take you instantaneously from dull to put together in a one step.

From our favorite celebrities such as Rachel Zoe, who is known for her berry pout, to other media personalities who pull it off effortlessly, the red lip should not be avoided for fear, and should be attempted and worn by every woman, regardless of age, effortlessly and boldly.

To achieve start with a well hydrated pout. My favorite way to hydrate my mouth is with vaseline, however, if your lips are super chapped, try mixing some olive oil and sea salt on your lips and gently brushing off flakes with a toothbrush.

Next, you will want to make sure that your lips are properly lined, as heavy rip shades (such as red) tend to bleed. Some of my favorite brands of lip liner are MAC, Lancome, Chanel and Cover Girl. These brands provide great lip liners, in a variety of textures in every price range.

The last step is of course, the main step, the red lipstick. Choose a shade that best compliments your skin tone, clothing and general activities in life. Some tips to remember are picking the right color, topping it off with setting face powder and then, if you wish, adding a a clear gloss to give your lips some extra pop!

Good luck ladies, and if you want please feel free to post pics of your red-lips on our Facebook page at Good luck ladies!


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