Why Fashion Insiders Love Donna Karan – New York Fashion Week F/W 2012

Donna Karan‘s Fall/Winter 2012 runway show was all about the woman. Strong, sensuous and multi-faceted, Karan presented a menswear inspired collection that was built upon the woman’s form, presence and style. So it’s no surprise that when I polled fashion insiders at Cedar Lake (her show’s location) about why they love the woman behind the brand, they all resoundingly spoke about her dedication to women and championing how they dress. Read on to learn what Joe Zee, Brad Goreski, Ken Downing and more had to say about why they love and adore Donna Karan.

Plus, see our favorite pieces from the collection below.

Joe Zee, Elle Magazine

“She just dresses women how she would dress herself. She is the ultimate womenswear designer!”

Susie Bubble, Fashion Blogger

“Donna Karan is a fashion legend—she really pioneered an effortless way of dressing for women, and is very consistent.”

Tina Craig, BagSnob

“Donna Karan is New York. She is the embodiment of a woman who can do everything. She is an inspiration to working women, and the woman who can, and does do everything.”

David Yi, New York Daily News

“Donna Karan captures the New Yorker who is chic, sophisticated and constantly aware of the world around her.”

Ken Downing, Fashion Director Neiman Marcus

“Donna is a good friend, great humanitarian and does brilliant work around the world even outside of fashion. She continues to remain relevant, celebrates the woman’s shape and gives women great confidence with her clothes!”

Caroline Issa, Publisher Tank Magazine

“Donna Karan is a pioneer as a woman designer who makes amazing clothing.”

Brad Goreski, Stylist & TV Personality

“I love Donna Karan because she is always true to herself. Even when doing a menswear inspired collection it still remains true to herself, her brand and is ultra feminine.”

Take a look at what they’re talking about for yourself…


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